With these exercises, piano players can train their fingers

Frequently, especially piano playing beginners have problems hitting the keys of the piano correctly and playing for a longer period of time without getting any problems with their hands. But this does not have to be the case. As experienced players know, finger exercises in particular help prevent this. The following article explores this topic in more detail and provides helpful tips to prevent hand pain and allow for long play.

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3 finger exercises for the piano

In order to be able to hit the keys on the piano elegantly, you need a strong and persistent musculature of the fingers and hands. Because playing the piano requires strength, fitness and coordination. For this purpose, there are 3 specific finger exercises on the piano.

Exercise – The letter O

This is a basic finger exercise on the piano. You don’t need any equipment or accessories to do this. An O is simply formed with two fingers. To do this, stretch out a hand horizontally in front of you and bring the index finger and thumb together.

At the moment of contact with both the thumb and the index finger, press easily on each other to build up pressure and resistance. Then loosen the fingers and then bring the middle, ring and small fingers to the thumb one after the other. Repetitions with each hand at least 5 times, and there will be an increase in strength over time.

Exercise – Lifting the index finger

Place your hands on the flat table top and then raise your index finger as much as possible. Keep the other fingers and palms on the table quiet. position for 3 seconds and then drop the index finger again. Then do the procedure with all the other fingers. Now switch the page. This exercise is very efficient and trains fingers and hands as well as the entire muscles in the forearm. In order to train the coordination, for example, the fingers can be raised at the same time.

Exercise – pressing of kneading rubber

By pressing normal kneading rubber, finger exercises can be done without much effort. Simply train your fingers for 5 minutes with one hand and 5 minutes with the other hand. With intense kneading without pause, the effect becomes quickly noticeable. Repeat this exercise every 2-3 days to give the muscles enough rest. Alternatively, small rubber balls are suitable for the hand.

Why should piano players train their fingers?

Finger training is important so that a piano can be played smoothly and both hands can be used independently of each other. Only in this way can you live up to the rhythm of complex songs and get the best out of the piano. The art of exercises is to avoid unnecessary processes and movements. In most cases, only small changes are necessary to improve the game. Only a minimum of strength should be used, because any form of effort leads to overexertion and is therefore counterproductive. The more exercise, the more agility and the synapses in the brain are linked to play without much effort. Dry exercises, which take place in the own imagination, help the brain in this.

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